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I'm Amber Insera 👋

Are you Struggling to find your own identity, define your worth, or feel truly fulfilled? I get it.

For almost a decade, I too found myself building my identity on external factors – people's opinions, achievements, and material possessions.

The result? A constant sense of defeat, unworthiness, and never feeling like I was "enough."

But here's the thing: I've been there, walked that path, and found my way out. And now, I'm here to guide you toward reclaiming your true self, your worth, and your sense of more-than-enoughness.

Let's rewrite your story together.

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Inspiring Stories: Hear from My Clients!

"I have stuffed my emotions all my life...

"Amber's emotional resilience class taught me how to manage my thoughts and acknowledge by feelings and emotions. I am in my 70"s and have stuffed my emotions all my life, I was taught I couldn't feel 'That" way! This class has helped me be happier and get out of "victim" mode. it is a class that I have repeated a few times to reinforce my new thinking patterns. I highly recommend it and all of her classes."


"I am in charge of my life and my thinking..."

"These courses have been really beneficial to me as I work through better understanding myself, better understanding my mind, why I do what I do, and how to find ways to better myself. I highly recommend Amber courses! I'm learning a lot!  It's teaching me to take responsibility for everything that happens to me and that I am in charge of my life and my thinking.

Every time I get a certain feeling about people or situations, I ask myself: "what am I thinking right now?" I realized, it's my thinking that causes me to view a situation certain way and it is my thinking that causes me to feel a certain way about people and a situation"


"Helped me develop a deeper connection with my spirituality."

"Amber is not just a life coach; she is a beacon of faith and positivity. Her faith-based coaching has been a source of strength and inspiration for me. Through our sessions, Amber has helped me develop a deeper connection with my spirituality and provided practical tools to integrate my faith into everyday life. Her genuine care and commitment to my personal growth have made a significant impact on my journey towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. I am truly blessed to have her as my coach."


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