Curiosity Circles

Curiosity Circle starts with a pop up question as we ask questions with curiosity and

practice the skill of listening

The Three Practices rules:

✓ I’ll be unusually interested in others

✓ I’ll stay in the room with difference

✓ I’ll stop comparing my best with your worst

Agreement is not one of the Practices.

What we’re looking for is clarity

— about what others think, and feel, and want

Support for LDS Parents who loved ones have had a change in beliefs or have left the church

Testimonials of Building Bridges of Understanding and Love

"Strengthened our Relationship"

Navigating my child's departure from the LDS church was challenging, but Curiosity Circle offered me invaluable support. The focus on staying in the room with difference and not comparing my best with their worst was transformative. It allowed me to truly understand my child's perspective and strengthened our relationship through open and empathetic communication.


"Helped me Bridge the Gap"

Curiosity Circles provided a safe and understanding environment for me as a parent. When my child left the LDS church, I felt lost and disconnected. The practices of being unusually interested in others and seeking clarity helped me bridge the gap. Listening without judgment and embracing our differences brought us closer than ever.


"Helped me move past my fears and concerns"

Curiosity Circle was a lifeline for me when my son left the LDS church. The emphasis on genuine curiosity and deep listening helped me move past my own fears and concerns. Through the Three Practices, I learned to respect our differences and focus on understanding his journey, which has brought us closer together.


"Allowed me to find common ground"

When my husband decided to leave the LDS church, I struggled to connect with him. Curiosity Circles taught me the importance of staying engaged and curious about his experiences. The structured environment encouraged open dialogue without the need for agreement, allowing us to find common ground and rebuild our relationship based on mutual respect and clarity.