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Here's my story...

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Our Prophet President Russell M Nelson advised us

"One of the most important things you need to learn in life is to know who you really are,” And has told us that there are 3 things that will set up right for our future.

Know the truth about who you are.

Know the truth about what Heavenly Father and his Son have offered you.

Know the truth related to your conversion.

I think we all can benefit from these beliefs He says. Know the truth about who you are. Know the truth about what Heavenly Father and his Son have offered you. Know the truth related to your conversion. 

The first one struck me- "Know the truth about who I am".

Did I know this? Who am I?

I thought back to my younger self, the days in Primary - and I was taught who I was through the words of a song “I am a child of God”, but did I really believe this now? was this truth imprinted on my heart? Has this truth rescued me when confronted with temptation? Or have I heard this truth so often that is sounds like a slogan more than the divine truth?

This was one of the first things that I needed to find out and know for myself.  President Nelson then challenged all of us to Ask God How He felt about us. 

Wait? Pause? What did he say?  I can ask GOD? Like the real God? How he feels about me?

And more importantly — He will answer? He will answer me?

This never occurred to me that I could even do this! This seemed like such a simple thing to me but then it became really scary.  As I got on my knees, I was overwhelmed with emotions- and was scared for the answer.

What was I going to find out? If anything at all? Would I know His voice?

This was God that I was getting ready to have a conversation with— this is the only person in my life that knows everything, EVERYTHING about me. My failures my mistakes my very secret moments.

As I thought about all of this - fear and anxiety started to overwhelm me. It has always been a practice of mine, when I start to get uncomfortable or fearful, to grab my bible and pray over my scriptures. To invite the Holy Spirit to sit with me and to teach me and give me strength. 


I grabbed my scriptures I prayed over my scriptures and then I opened them.

And they fell open to this page in John 4 

In John 4: it is the story of the Woman at the well. I knew this story - I've read it many times. Why this story? It was noon day - she went to the watering well alone in the heat of the day, because she was ashamed. But after spending time with the Savior and having the Savior teach her about her divinity and him teach her about who she was and everything that she is - then she was able to do something that she probably would not have been able to do before.

This was my lesson. Was I paying attention?

This lesson is still one that I hang onto:

If I Allow my Savior to be the author of who I am and what I am meant to be... then I can do great things through Him.

I know this to be truth., He has confirmed what He sees in me, He has enabled me to do things, things that I have felt inadequate to do and that I shouldn’t have been able to do, and He has opened so many doors for me and allowed me to see- that through Him- all things are possible.

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