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Life coaching webinar

Held Weekly. Wednesdays 10:00am PST


Join our weekly Life Coaching Webinar series, where we dive deep into various topics that empower your personal growth and emotional well-being. Using the acclaimed Life Coach School model, each session combines insights, strategies, and real coaching sessions to help you transform your life. Don't miss this opportunity for positive change.

Curiosity circle

Held Weekly. Monday 8:00 am & 9:00am PST

Curiosity Circle starts with a pop up question as we ask questions with curiosity and practice the skill of listening.

The Three Practices rules:

✓ I’ll be unusually interested in others

✓ I’ll stay in the room with difference

✓ I’ll stop comparing my best with your worst

Agreement is not one of the Practices. What we’re looking for is clarity — about what others think, and feel, and want

Can’t wait to see you on one of the circles!


Join me at any of the ones that I am referee or many others to choose. This is a great practice as we sit in the rooms with differences and allow discomfort.

It's a skill - It's a practice

The world is our teacher

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