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Some of my common topics include

Identity & Purpose,

Self Confidence,

Mixed Faith Relationships,

Loving Your "Loved Ones" When They Leave The Church ...

and so much more

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Nov 17th 6p-8pm

@ The Club at Madeira Canyon

Henderson NV 89044

Join us for an incredible live event called "FINDING PEACE"!

Where can we turn for peace? When we’re trying to find it, peace can feel elusive. But can we learn to create it for ourselves? What about when we’re experiencing big changes in our lives, our relationships, or our faith? 

Experience a transformative evening of music and inspiration at the live event.

"Finding Peace"

on November 17, 2023.

Join Advanced Certified Faith Based Life coach, Amber Insera & Singer/Songwriter Sara Cenatiempo for a night filled with live music, empowering messages, Life Coach Skills and curiosity circles.

Tickets are available for only $47.00, making this life-changing event accessible to all.

Mark your calendars and get ready to experience FINDING PEACE like never before!


In the LDS Church, Our Prophet Pres Russell M Nelson. advised us "One of the most important things you need to learn in life is to know who you really are,” And has told us that there are 3 things that will set up right for our future. I think we all can benefit from these beliefs- He says.

  • Know the truth about who you are.

  • Know the truth about what Heavenly Father and his Son have offered you.

  • Know the truth related to your conversion.

Did I know who I was?

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Client Testimonials

"Mind Blown"

That I have control of my thoughts, feelings and actions, and they are my responsibility, not anyone else. Mind Blown!


"Added Value To my Life"

You have introduced so much value to my life with the model CTFAR & doing work sheets plus I took lots of notes & tried to apply, learn & grow through all your courses. 


"Hate To Miss the Webinars"

I am loving your webinar and worksheets. It is benefiting me so much. This webinar is helping me!! I hated to miss on Wednesday


"Courses keep me focused"

I appreciate the time and effort you take into planning and preparing the courses. It helps me focus, knowing that you are confident and prepared.


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